SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As winter makes its return to KELOLAND, local snow removal companies are preparing for another long week of work.

As the next blast of winter weather settles into KELOLAND, Arctic Winter Management is still cleaning up after January’s storms.

“We blew snow and moved piles most of the weekend,” Arctic Winter Management Owner Dan Pyle said.

“We’re still doing a lot of cleanup and getting lots cleared out, making room for more snow,” Shop Supervisor Mike Bucknell said.

Mike Bucknell is a mechanic. He says with another storm looming, staying ahead of the game is critical when it comes to equipment.

“Especially with the amount of equipment we have and just keeping up with day to day maintenance and greasing and fueling and just keeping them clean. It’s a task,” Bucknell said.

“You use it and things are going to break or wear,” Pyle said.

Owner Dan Pyle says this winter has been a challenge, but isn’t quite sure how it stacks up against years past.

“It’s a hard comparison because we’ve grown and grown and grown and the last two, three seasons we haven’t had much so it’s really putting to a test the proper equipment at the proper places at the proper time,” Pyle said.

As for this week’s storm…

“It’s going to be a long, long marathon,” Pyle said.

This is a one-ton tote of salt. Arctic Winter Management will use approximately 35 tons of salt during a storm of this magnitude.

“When we have a storm like this it’s not something that’s a one and done, it’s going to be continual, we’re going to have to go back several times. There’s a lot of patience involved on both ends, ours and the customers and it just has to be that way,” Pyle said.

The snow will eventually melt, but winter is no doubt trying our patience.

Pyle says getting parts and new equipment also remains a challenge. In fact, he’s already talking with suppliers about next winter.