SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –KELOLAND News has reported on potholes numerous times this year, but we can’t ignore them in Sioux Falls because they are costing drivers hundreds of dollars and sometimes even more in damages.

“I’ve seen many potholes, but I think this year is the worst,” Theresa Myers said.

Theresa Myers has lived in Sioux Falls her entire life and says potholes this year are hard to miss, even if you try.

“I had to slam on my brakes a couple of times, so I didn’t go into a crater and I was afraid of getting rear-ended; people were right on the tail of my car,” Myers said.

She hasn’t ruined her car yet, but a lot of people have experienced serious damage to their tires, rims, and even suspensions.

“It’s just getting worse,” Tom Broadbent of Airway Auto Service said.

Tom Broadbent owns Airway Auto Service.

“We are seeing a lot of damaged tires and a lot of damaged wheels,” Broadbent said.

It’s the worst he’s ever seen, too.

“It’s daily now, it’s bent control arms, bent frame pieces, you know totaled out cars; when I say totaled out the less expensive cars cost too much to fix it, so off to the salvage yard it goes,” Broadbent said.

“If you hit a pothole and the tire goes flat, it’s probably because you damaged the tire and the rim and or some suspension,” Broadbent said.

So the best advice he can give people is slow down and do their best to avoid them until the city has a chance to fix the potholes permanently. Something Myers is looking forward to.

“Oh yeah I really am,” Myers said.