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Portion Of New Bike Trail Open At Tuthill Park, Fundraising Continues

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Are you looking for a change of pace on your next bike ride?

A new trail is under construction at Tuthill Park in Sioux Falls.  When construction is complete, it will be a three mile, multi-use single track trail.

It's already getting positive reviews from bicyclists. 

You can find Susan Metz pedaling her bike almost every day in the summer. 

Wednesday, she's taking a spin on the new stretch of trail at Tuthill Park. 

"I'm sure once it's finished we'll be using it at least a few times a week," Susan Metz said. 

About a mile of the natural surface trail is open right now. 

Brad Bromberg is the president of Falls Area Singletrack or FAST. 

It's the organization spearheading the project, which will also be open to hikers and runners.

Trail construction started in mid-June, but a wet summer has slowed the pace. 

"We're a little bit behind in terms of construction, but late October is a possible target date for completion," FAST President Brad Blomberg said. 

A finished trail will be a welcome addition to a sport that is gaining speed in Sioux Falls. 

"Executives are traveling with their bikes instead of their golf clubs these days so things are changing absolutely," Blomberg said.

"Sioux Falls is growing and we need to provide new avenues for entertainment and exercise. The upcoming generation wants to be more in touch with nature and when you ride this trail you don't even feel like you're in Sioux Falls," Metz said. 

About $50,000 of the $70,000 has been raised for the project.

If you would like to contribute, follow this link

The fundraising is for the THREE miles of trail that is being professionally constructed.

Blomberg says volunteers might build an additional mile next year. 


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