SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– Agricultural producers across South Dakota are pleased with the Sioux Falls rejection of the slaughterhouse ban.

It was a big win for the agricultural industry in South Dakota last week, as the slaughterhouse ban was rejected by voters in Sioux Falls, allowing the future Wholestone pork plant to be built in the city.

It will also allow for room for other processors to come into the area, creating more options for local farmers to market their livestock.

South Dakota is becoming a prominent player in the swine industry. As the 9th largest pork-producing state in the country, pig producer Adam Krause says the need for new pork processors is growing in South Dakota.

“Within the state, it’s just Smithfield, it’s been that way for quite a while or other smaller packing plants as well,” said Krause.

But, this will soon change. After voters in Sioux Falls rejected the slaughterhouse ban, there will be at least one new option for producers in the next few years.

“More competition is welcomed within the industry, no matter if it’s on the growing end of the packer end, so we welcome the opportunity for many people,” said Krause.

“Obviously, the one that is at the forefront of everybody’s attention is the construction of the new Wholestone facility, so that’s the one that’s at the top of mind,” said Cagney Effling, director of programs and communications for the S.D. Pork Producers Council. “At the moment we are not aware of anything else, but with the passing of the no vote, it allows more facilities to come into Sioux Falls. We are really excited about the future of this, we are very open to working with those different facilities and welcome them as they come into Sioux Falls.”

This benefits more than just pig producers but leaves a positive impact on the agricultural industry and the entire city of Sioux Falls.

“This was bigger than just pig farmers, this was bigger than agriculture as a whole. This set a very dangerous precedent for the city and surrounding cities of Sioux Falls just because if a local locker plant or small custom locker wanted to build in Sioux Falls, if this passed, they wouldn’t be able to,” said Krause.

“It has more to do with just agriculture. With centered around agriculture, that’s what brought it all forward but really it comes down to the economic development within the city of Sioux Falls,” said Effling.

Growing the state’s largest industry, in its largest city.

“Honest to goodness relief. We want to thank the people of Sioux Falls just for doing their homework and doing their due diligence and being educated voters,” said Krause.

Construction for the Wholestone plant in Sioux Falls is set to be completed in 2025.