Pool permits are a hot commodity this summer; why you might need one

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – The desire for personal above-ground pools is rising in Sioux Falls. In order to get one on your property, depending on your pool, you will need to consider getting a permit.

While the chance to swim in public pools in Sioux Falls is down, sales for above-ground pools have gone up.

“We are definitely seeing an increase in pool sales. People want that pool in their backyard and they want to be able to use it when they want to use it,” Splash City Sales Manager Michael Price said.

On an average day at Splash City, Price is seeing 12 to 20 people on pools.

“They still want to be able to give their kids something to do while school’s not in session, and an above ground pool is a great option,” Price said.

If you’re thinking about putting one your property, Chief Building Official Butch Warrington advises that you may need a permit.

“Any time you have a pool with over 18 inches or more of water, a permit is required,” Warrington said.

It’s the city’s job to know where you’re putting it up and to make sure it has at least a minimum of a 42 inch high barrier around it.

“The fence has to be constructed such that a 4-inch round ball cannot pass through any place in the fence, and any gates must be self closing and self latching,” Warrington said.

He says to also be mindful of overhead wires at to not place to pool under them. To get a permit, all you have to do is show the city your site plan, where you want to put the pool, and pay $20.

“If you have to install the fence with it, that’s going to be another $20 fence permit,” Warrington said.

If you plan on putting up next year, Warrington says your permit will still be good if you put it in the same spot. It’s a small price to pay for a big splash of summer fun.

“That pool is in your back yard; you can use it at your leisure. You don’t have to drive to the pool and worry about parking, worry about getting ready. You’ve got your bathing suit at home. You can go out your back door and enjoy your backyard oasis,” Price said.

If you would like to send in an application for an above-ground pool you can visit the City of Sioux Falls website for more instructions.

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