SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — There are still no answers or arrests – Sioux Falls police continue to investigate the city’s most recent homicides.

It’s been nearly two weeks since investigations began into two deadly shootings in different parts of town.

It’s been 13 days since Paul Billion’s body was found inside a home on South Duluth Avenue in the central part of town. Investigators say someone had shot him earlier in the week.

It’s been 12 days since someone shot Tunis Lomax outside his apartment building near 26th Street and Bahnson Avenue.

Both men were shot just days apart, but police say the crimes are not related.

“It was not the same person or persons that were involved in it,” Sioux Fall Police spokesperson Sam Clemens said.

But at this point, Police are still investigating and haven’t made any arrests.

“Sometimes there’s a delay,” Clemens said. “It takes a while to find people. Sometimes there’s a delay in just getting that information to start with. Other times you may have forensics that’s involved. You may have surveillance video. There’s a lot of different aspects to each investigation.”

Nearly two weeks since Tunis Lomax was shot outside his apartment, there’s still a memorial set up in his honor. Friends and family ask if anybody has information to come forward.

“Come out and say something of what they might know, what they might hear about Lomax. And standing here with me is Lomax’s daughter, who don’t even know what happened to her dad. She tell me that her dad going to wake and he’ll be coming at anytime. And this is very discouraging. Very disheartening,” said Charles McGill, an uncles to Lomax’s widow.

“We are yelling for answers. We expected by this time to have heard something from the police. Again, we will not push them. We know that they are doing the work and give the family and community the assurance that they are working their case. But I think there is more to that, because we need answers,” Lomax’s friend Nagbe Smith said.

“We really haven’t received many tips, and so that’s what we’re hoping is that people have talked, maybe heard something. If they know something, that they would call and let us know,” Clemens said.

If you have information, you can call Sioux Falls Police. If you would like remain anonymous, you can report any information through Crimestoppers online or call them at (877)-367-7007.

Police say all together there are four unsolved homicide cases in Sioux Falls. One happened in 1999. The other was last year outside a central Sioux Falls restaurant.