SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — We have new information tonight about an apparent murder, suicide attempt in Sioux Falls Wednesday morning.

Police have identified the woman who was killed as Brianna Marie Mattix-Hatch.

Police arrived at this apartment at 7:45 Wednesday morning after getting a call for an unknown problem from an unidentified caller.

“They called, they heard somebody yelling and then the line disconnected,” said officer Sam Clemens with SFPD.

Police were met at the door by a five-year-old boy who said the man had hurt the woman. The situation quickly turned dangerous for both the child and the officers.

“As the officers were going to that bedroom, the suspect pointed a gun at them. They grabbed the child as they were leaving, that’s when they heard the gunshots,” said Clemens.

The SWAT team was called in to help and was just about to enter the apartment when a single shot rang out.

“The SWAT team members were in the hallway, they heard the gunshot and immediately went inside and then they found the suspect,” said Clemens.

The suspect, a 32-year-old man from Sioux Falls, went to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, but is still alive today. Police won’t release his name until he’s charged.

The 26-year-old victim is also from Sioux Falls. Police say it appears she died from gunshot wounds.

“We’re investigating this but everything seems to be pointing to this was a murder then suicide attempt,” said Clemens.

Police later found an 8-year-old boy in another bedroom. Neither child was hurt.

“The best I can say is the children are in a safe place,” said officer Clemens.

Police say the suspect’s name will be released if he recovers from his injuries and is charged or if he doesn’t make it.