SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Police are sending a reminder to drivers following a string of car break-ins over the weekend.

Thieves broke into more than a dozen cars at three Sioux Falls Parks Sunday afternoon.

Megan Herrig was visiting Sioux Falls’ Sertoma Park for a school field trip Monday.

She heard about the Sunday car break-ins on social media.

“I brought my purse with me, so that way no one was going through the bus and finding what I needed today,” Herrig said.

According to Sioux Falls Police, thieves targeted 16 cars at Sertoma, Spencer, and Family Parks.

In most cases, the windows were broken and purses were stolen.

“You grab a purse, you’ve got cash, credit cards, inside there and it’s quick, easy for people just to break a window, reach in, grab something, and they’re on their way,” Sioux Falls Police PIO Sam Clemens said.

Sioux Falls Police are reminding everyone to take a few quick steps to protect your stuff when you park your car.

“We’d encourage people, obviously lock your cars is first and foremost, but either not leave valuables in the car or put them where they can’t be seen,” Clemens said.

Herrig tries to prevent theft altogether by keeping her purse with her whenever she can.

“Avoid the chaos of losing credit cards and any valuables that you have in your vehicle, in your purse,” Herrig said.

Clemens says there are no suspects in the case yet, but if you saw anything suspicious on Sunday, be sure to let police know or call Crime Stoppers.