SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It sounds like something out of a movie… strangers get into your car and force you to take them to a bank to withdraw money.

That’s exactly what one man says happened to him one week ago in Sioux Falls. Two of three suspects are behind bars as of Friday afternoon.

It all started just before noon on Friday, September 29, outside a bakery on East 8th Street.

“He had just walked out to his car and then three people jumped in the car,” Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens said.

The three strangers spoke Spanish.

“It was two guys and a gal. One of the guys had a screwdriver and threatened him with that,” Clemens said.

Court documents say the trio took the man’s phone and told him to drive to these apartments on South 3rd Avenue, where they forced him to get into the backseat.

One of the strangers put the screwdriver to his throat and demanded the victim take off his pants and shoes.

“They wanted cash from them,” Clemens said.

They found $50 in a pocket, but wanted more.

As they drove around Sioux Falls, an affidavit says the three people continued to demand money and were getting frustrated.

The victim says one of the men grabbed him by the neck and said, “This is your last opportunity to give us some money or you will die.”

The victim claimed to have an account at Wells Fargo, so that’s where they headed next. When they were inside, the victim ran to the teller and yelled for help and the three people took off in his car.

Police spotted the car later that day.

“At one point of time over the weekend, an officer saw that stolen car, they tried to stop it and it took off at a high rate of speed,” Clemens said.

On Saturday, police tried to stop it again. They later found a passenger from the car at a gas station who told them Agustin Nevarez was the driver. Police later found the car parked outside his Sioux Falls home and made an arrest.

Police also arrested Sergio Barboza. A prosecutor says he’s the one who held the screwdriver and can also be seen in bank surveillance video.

Nevarez has a lengthy criminal record and is on active parole.

Both men appeared in court Friday afternoon for kidnapping, robbery, assault and possession of a stolen car charges.