SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Local plumbers are working to get caught up with calls involving frozen pipes related to our last winter storm. Burst pipes have sent water gushing inside of homes as well as businesses in the Sioux Falls area.

Frisbee plumber Kirby McGreevy was called off his construction job in southeast Sioux Falls to respond to service calls involving homes with frozen pipes.

“Cut the the pipe off, where it burst, put two new couplings on, soldered them together or ProPressed them together, that’s about it,” McGreevy said.

Some of those calls came from people returning from holiday travels to a drenched home.

“We’ve got some situations where pipes froze and broke and people weren’t there and you can only imagine: thousands of dollars’ worth of damage,” Frisbee General Manager Tom Hines said.

Frisbee Plumbing & Heating responded to more than 100 calls just last weekend, alone.

“And what people don’t realize is that by the time things have froze and they call a plumber, unfortunately, there’s not a lot we can do other than recommend that they turn the heat up, open cabinet doors if you’ve got a sink or a particular fixture that seems to be isolated,” Hines said.

Newly-built homes are much better insulated and they come with plastic piping which has much more give than copper piping and that can lower the risk of them breaking and flooding your home.

“Where copper tubing can’t withstand that expansion and it will literary burst open,” Hines said.

Plumbers expect to respond more quickly to service calls as the weather warms up. However, that also means pipes are thawing, and homeowners who don’t know they have a problem will find out soon enough, when their plumbing springs a leak.

Fixtures like kitchen sinks that are connected to piping in an outer wall can be most vulnerable to freezing.