SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — While most of us won’t ever make the trip to space, the Sweetman Planetarium gives you one of the best views from here at home.

The planetarium opened over Labor Day weekend, and the crowds came out for the view.

“We had 1,200 people come on Saturday, so we had a free museum day thanks to AeroStar, they had some programming available, and so we invited the community to come experience the planetarium for free, and so we can seat about 160 people for each of our shows and every one of our shows was full,” Chief Operating Officer Kerri DeGraff said.

Not only is the planetarium amazing to look at, but they say it’ll be used for educational use also.

“We have an incredible amount of content that is available and so it will absolutely enhance what they’re learning in the classroom and hopefully provide an experience that’s more fun, but also educational, which is just a great way to help kids learn,” DeGraff said.

Along with the teaching experience, they also hope to use it for special space events.

“The planetarium is going to offer us unique opportunities, so if there is ever a space launch, which we know there will be, if we’re able to do a live launch event here where you could watch that event, or with the upcoming eclipse coming, that people could come and see maybe live in person, I think those types of one time events are going to attract people from the outside,” DeGraff said.

There are three different shows running at the planetarium.

Click here for more information on the planetarium and its showings.