SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

If that’s the case, then there are several stories being told about the history of Sioux Falls in one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city.

“When you take a picture and you look at it and it’s almost hard to imagine that you are looking at the same place,” Embrace Church pastor Adam Weber said.

Weber, who is the pastor of Embrace Church and also a historical board member, had an idea last year to put up historical pictures around his neighborhood, the Cathedral Historic District.

“Hopefully learn a little bit about just history in general, but Sioux Falls’ history; the other day I was watching a couple sit here with the photo and they were pointing out what has changed and what hasn’t,” Weber said.

“Cathedral is the first historic district; not only in Sioux Falls, but in the state of South Dakota,” Neighborhood and preservation planner Diane deKoeyer said.

Weber was able to get a grant from the city to pay for the signs. The city says it was a worthwhile investment so people can learn about the city’s past.

“Definitely appreciation for the neighborhood; this a real walkable area or neighborhood, so it gives them the opportunity to walk through and learn and read about who lived here originally. A lot of them were the founding citizens of Sioux Falls,” deKoeyer said.

Each one tells a bit of history about Sioux Falls and its forefathers and the roles they played in helping shape Sioux Falls into what it is today.

“There’s something beautiful when you can get a blast from the past,” Weber said.

Weber, along with help from the city and a lot of friends, have now put up eight signs, but he’d like to do at least six more.

“The oldest hotel in Sioux Falls is right down the street. The Cataract; it used to be on Phillips Avenue, they moved it from Phillips up here, and if you drove by it, you’d have no idea,” Weber said.

But if you take the time and walk the neighborhood and stop and read, you just might learn something thanks to Weber and his passion for the past.

“I love history in general,” Weber said.

The Cathedral Historic District will be celebrating its 50th anniversary next year for being the oldest historic district in the state.