SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — By now, you’re in the minority if you haven’t gotten one of these.

“Please press one if you did not authorize this transaction.”

This voicemail says an order has been placed for an Apple Macbook pro for $1,499.

And if you did not order the computer you should talk with a customer care executive.

It is of course a scam.

“The FCC says that these are the most frequent complaints that they get are about unwanted and unsolicited phone calls,” Jessie Schmidt with the Better Business Bureau in Sioux Falls said.

Schmidt knows all about these kinds of scams because she gets them herself and she played the message for us.

“So in order to cancel your order, kindly press one to speak with the Amazon fraud department thank you.”

“And this other one is similar,” Schmidt said.

“While processing the payment so in order to cancel your order kindly press one to speak with the Amazon fraud department.”

“So these were similar in nature, right, so they want me to press one, so I go into their phony call center,” Schmidt said.

According to Schmidt, they are after credit card and personal information or even looking for an opportunity to get malware onto your phone. They almost always use a big name, like Amazon, Apple, Google, PayPal, or a bank like Wells Fargo.

We don’t advise you do this, but we tried to call the number back just to see if we could get one of the scammers on the phone.

“Your call cannot be completed as the called party is temporarily unavailable.”

Schmidt says these scammers are not in the U.S. and think all Americans are rich.

And keep this in mind, they almost always try to create a sense of urgency which should be a clue that it is a scam.

The bottom line, do not answer, do not call back, do not have any contact at all, it is your best defense.