SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — 11 past and present veterans received free golf lessons from golf professionals as part of the first session of PGA HOPE in South Dakota.

Over the last five weeks, past and present veterans have made their way to Elmwood Golf Course to hone their skills.

“Anything from full swing activities as far as how to shape a ball, better contact, what’s happening with each shot. That’s been really fun for me for them to experiment and see what else can happen inside the swing,” instructor Danny Sinksen said.

For Sinksen, these vets were a joy to work with.

“They’re just so willing to learn. They want to get better at the game, but also spend time with each other. We got a nice mix of like social interaction, but they’re really anxious to learn the game, and its been great. They want to listen,’ said Sinksen.

It has also been an enjoyable experience for the students.

“I really need to improve on my putting lessons, so I have had a fabulous putting teacher. I’ve improved my game a little bit with the putting, but everything about it has been just great. They’ve been great teachers, and its just been enjoyable,” student Julie Johnson said.

“The coaches out here, or the professionals, they’ve been absolutely wonderful, and its just neat to mix in with some of the other service members,” student David Wetzberger said.

The teachers also might have created new lifetime golfers.

“For me, the most rewarding part, we actually had several students that hadn’t played the game before, and one of them really just kind of took off with the game and jumped in this last week, and to see him, he is going to be a golfer now, like I truly believe that,” said Sinksen.

PGA HOPE is free to all veterans. If you would like to donate or sign up for a session, visit this link.