SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Online payment apps like Venmo make it easy to send money to family members and friends. However, scammers are finding new ways to get users to send them hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Often scammers target older generations, but the people being scammed through payment apps like Venmo are on the younger side. The most common users being between 18 to 30 years old, scammers are now posing as their friends or family to ask for money.

Sarah Barthel recently got a Venmo request from someone who she thought was her friend wanting to borrow a few hundred dollars for rent. Turns out it was a scammer who used the same profile picture and similar user name to pose as her friend.

“Scammers are highly intelligent and they are going to jump into a spot that there’s so much uncertainty around and where these cash apps are so popular among young people,” said Jessie Schmidt, vice president of the Better Business Bureau in Sioux Falls.

Payment apps are becoming a popular place for people to make transactions through their phones instead of using cash.

“I literally had change to put in the thing for my car but I never have cash,” said Dawn Murray, a Venmo and PayPal user.

Many times users just use the photo on Venmo to verify the account.

“Their pictures on there. I mean, I don’t know how secure and safe that is. But I guess I just take it for granted. That’s the person I’m sending to,” said Murray.

The Better Business Bureau in Sioux Falls says when sending money online, you should always be vigilant.

“I don’t want to lose $250 And I wouldn’t send somebody $250, but if somebody sent me money on Zelle or Venmo and said, ‘Oh, hey can you just send that back to me.’ I would be highly suspicious of it,” said Schmidt.

In many cases, people who are scammed don’t get their money back.

“The importance of keeping it private is really the best advice we can give anybody is to just keep your account private. Nobody really needs to know who you’re paying, what you’re paying, how you’re paying. It’s the best way to keep yourself safe in these instances,” said Schmidt.

If you get a request to send money to a friend, make sure you give them a call to verify it is them.

Venmo has a help center with tips to avoid a scammer incident.

If you are a consumer that is aware of a scam you can call the Attorney General Consumer Hotline, at 1-800-300-1986.