SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Winter has long overstayed its welcome in KELOLAND during a time of year when many people figured they could hang up their shovels for good. Instead, it’s been another day of digging out amid grumblings that they’re done with all this snow.

Clay Skinner started digging out early in the storm, figuring it’s best to keep ahead of the snow before it piles too high.

“I had a plumber come over earlier and I walked to the truck and I said, well, it’s snow on the ground so I was just kind of killing time,” Skinner.

This week’s meltdown shaved a little off the top of towering snow banks, but it’s still a chore to make sure the snow clears the summit.

“The first snow was so much easier to get off of everything than these last few. It’s been a lot more effort to toss it up over the pile there as you can see. Pretty much eye-level now,” Alan Englund of Sioux Falls said.

Police responded to a number of crashes throughout the city as the rain turned to snow creating slick driving conditions. But the going isn’t any better on foot for people who had to run errands in a snowy downtown.

“Not a fan. Really disappointing. I wish it was over. Just wish that we could get past this already. I thought the last one was the last one. It isn’t,” Angela Schoffelman of Sioux Fall said.

Mike Dvoracek picked up a warm pizza for lunch. A little comfort food to make the winter blues go down a little easier.

“I think it’s miserable and I hate it. But, I’m ready for spring, thinking about, you know, later this month we should get some nice weather and get done with the snow and no more snow after St. Patrick’s Day would be great,” Dvoracek said.

People who say they can put up with the snow say it’s the wind that makes a day like this so unbearable.

“Yeah, I could do without that. I tend to like the snow coming down straight and not sideways,” England said.

People who are weary of the long winter are double-checking their calendars to assure themselves that spring really does arrive next week.

“You know, you get used to it and you put up with it and still here, so,”Dvoracek said.

Even though the snow is moving out of the area, the South Dakota Department of Public Safety is reminding drivers to slow down and not use cruise control on slippery roads.