SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — The arrival of wintry weather is prompting many people to head to the auto shop to get their vehicles winterized. But booking an appointment is a challenge because many car parts are still on back-order due to the ongoing supply chain backlog caused by the pandemic.

Lillian Van Dam is a proud first-time car owner, having purchased a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee just a few weeks ago.

“It drives really well. It looks almost brand-new and I was looking for a car that would be perfect for me,” Van Dam said.

Van Dam wants to make sure her vehicle will be ready for winter so she scheduled an early morning appointment at Airway Auto Service.

“I just came in for an oil change today and my blinker light was out so I needed to get that changed before any real snow came in,” Van Dam said.

But more than two years into the pandemic, car parts remain in short supply. The shortage means customers are paying more for servicing their vehicles.

“Parts are definitely increasing a lot and getting hard to find. So we’re sourcing them from elsewhere and having to pay to ship them in, it definitely drives the price up,” Chris Broadbent of Airway Auto Service said.

“I get paid $19-dollars an hour at my job, which a lot of people would say is a lot, but it’s kind of hard for someone who doesn’t know how to budget, so I kind of have to make sure I can afford it at the time,” Van Dam said.

Sometimes Airway Auto Service will have to send customers back home with their vehicle and have them return a second time, because parts weren’t in.

“A lot of times we have people bring in their cars, we check it out, figure out what’s wrong with it, if we can get parts, we fix it, if we can’t, and it’s drivable, sometimes they drive the vehicle until the parts do show up, because we’re having to order a lot,” Broadbent said.

But even though parts are costing more, Van Dam now has peace-of-mind that her new vehicle will be ready to safely take on the winter.

Staffing shortages are also complicating vehicle appointments. Airway Auto says it’s down at least one technician as well as someone to handle oil changes.