Parkston community pulls together after damaging storm

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With winds up to 90 mph, a thunderstorm that went through Parkston, South Dakota early Wednesday morning caused significant damage.

People helping people isn’t just Parkston Kaylor Grain and Feed’s slogan. It’s what they do.

“Just helping out picking up branches, one of the guys got the chainsaw. Just helping out around. We had a couple loaders out helping them guys there a little bit. They knew what to do and just automatically went and started doing stuff for people without even being told what to do,” Parkston Kaylor Grain and Feed Operations Manager, Kent Sommer, said.

With no power this morning, workers thought they could put their time to good use.

“Our community is pretty close knit. We all help each other out, they would help us out, we help them out,” Kent Sommer said.

Von Eschen Lawn & Landscape also came to help out the community.

“We rushed over here as quick as we could, Bill gave us a call here, and we got here, since we got here more people have come over and asked us to clean up their lawns and take down some trees that were on buildings and everything,” Von Eschen Lawn & Landscape Manager, Tim Leibel, said.

The process of cutting down trees is pretty simple. First they make sure nothing is below the tree and that they’re far enough away from any houses or buildings.

“Setting up a safety zone, limiting traffic, so that they won’t be driving through when we’re possibly coming through with loaders or even dropping trees. We want to make sure the public and vehicles are out of the way,” Von Eschen Lawn & Landscape Owner, Jason Von Eschen, said.

It’s a simple process, but it’s meaningful, especially for those in need of some extra help today.

Parkston Kaylor Grain and Feed helped out at around 30 homes today. Workers say they’ll continue to help as much as they can.

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