Parker House Fire

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A Parker family is coping with the loss of their home and belongings after a devastating fire outside of town Friday.

Volunteer firefighters rushed out to the rural home along 455th Avenue around 10:00 a.m.  Unfortunately, by the time they got there, the home was a loss. 

After nearly four hours of work, not much is left of one family’s dream home.

Firefighters from Parker, Hurley and Chancellor came out to salvage what they could. Unfortunately, there was no hope of saving anything in the house by the time they arrived.

“You know, luckily no one was hurt. None of the family was hurt. None of our firefighters were hurt. But it’s still just real tough to see somebody go through that,” Parker Fire Chief Max Masters said. 

Rural fires come with a lot of extra challenges. People stopping on the country roads, just to look at the fire, can block water trucks from getting in.

Firefighters also run out of water at times. Even the weather is trickier in the open fields.

“Our guys like on the engine and stuff, we got to watch them pretty close, because once you start getting out on the wind and they’re not. They’re just standing in front of the pump panel the whole time. So they get pretty chilly,” Masters said.

On top of the physical struggles, these small town heroes are also feeling the emotional toll of the situation.

“A lot of the guys on the departments that were here knew the family, so they’re here and it feels like forever. The ten minutes it takes us to get out here. So they have to stand there and watch basically everything they own burning up,” Masters said. 

The family was not available for interview while we were on the scene.

Masters tells us the family had remodeled the old farm house in recent years and had built it into their dream home.

There’s no word yet on the cause of the fire.

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