SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A local theater company is set to make its return to the stage in downtown Sioux Falls.

Cast members from Lights Up Productions are making themselves at home inside the Orpheum Theater, preparing for Parables & Proverbs.

“It’s an adventure, a journey where some modern kids discover this treasure chest that was buried by their great grandfather,” Lights Up Productions founder Brent Grosvenor said.

Grosvenor is the founder of Lights Up Productions, which creates professional theater from a Christian worldview, and this musical deals with parables and proverbs.

“The whole idea is to explore them, and what happens is they go into this like Narnia world where suddenly they’re in this place meeting the people who knew Jesus, who walked with Jesus,” Grosvenor said.

This is the 11th musical Grosvenor has written and composed, and it features a cast of almost 80 adults and children.

“One of the greatest thrills that I have is to see people fall in love with theater and to grow as people,” Grosvenor said.

“We got to see the script and then we kind of have some of our own freedoms to take a line and make it kind of our own and everybody has their own twist on things, so it’s pretty cool to see it all come together,” 14-year-old Elsa Bisschop said.

Bisschop is performing in her sixth musical with Lights Up Productions.

“I enjoy the community of people that you get to be around every day. It’s super fun and I also enjoy just every day I come here I learn something new about something, so it’s just a cool experience,” Bisschop said.

Grosvenor hopes people leave the theater with that same impression.

“We think it’s going to change the way people act, not just toward God, but toward other people,” Grosvenor said.

Parables & Proverbs will be performed four times between Friday and Sunday at the Orpheum Theater.