SIOUX FALLS, S.D (KELO) — We know that concerts at Levitt at the Falls as well as other events bring a lot of people to downtown Sioux Falls. KELOLAND’s Renee Ortiz looks now at what one restaurant, in particular, has experienced.

“It’s a great place if you want to stay for a while and listen to the music, you can absolutely hear it from here,” Esser said.

Papa Woody’s has seen an increase in the number of customers on days when there is music at the Levitt.

“Thursday, Friday, Saturdays we get crazy,” bar manager Kenyon Immeker said.

“It’s a significant difference on the nights there are Levitt concerts, we’re seeing a much bigger increase, like 20-25 percent higher for sure,” owner Lisa Esser said.

“We get a bunch of regulars that come in, that go down to the Levitt, families come in and go down to the Levitt,” Immeker said.

Esser says she has seen a rise in take-out orders, too.

“They get a bunch of pizzas and go have a picnic at the Levitt while the concerts are playing,” Esser said.

Customer Brian Rice says he and others come to the restaurant regularly during the summer and will sometimes catch a concert after a pizza.

“It’s become an icon in Sioux Falls. It’s definitely something different and an amazing atmosphere,” Rice said.

“We really love the fact that it’s a partnership between every business downtown, Downtown Sioux Falls, the Levitt, we all kind of work together to continue generating business,” Esser said.