SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — You know spring can’t be that far away when lawn and garden products start showing up on store shelves. And with our mild winter, people may already be planning out their garden.

It’s a sign of the season at Lewis Drug when Christmas trees and snow blowers are displayed next to the seed rack.

“There have been days we sold snow blowers and mowers on the same day, so it’s all part of living where we live,” Lewis Drug Garden Buyer Doug Schroeder said.

Lynn Lundquist’s husband is already getting the itch to get into the garden.

“He looks at all the seed catalogs and starts to think what he wants to do and he’s planning his garden, he’ll have a nice garden,” Lundquist said.

Lewis Drug says gardening really took root during the pandemic as people quarantining at home looked for an outdoor activity they can take part in to pass the time.

“There are more and more people with COVID that have gotten into gardening than before,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder recommends gardeners buy early to get a jump on rising prices created by high demand and nationwide supply shortages.

“People buy early. I think they’ve been trained the last two years because of the supply chain: see it, buy it. So we had people asking already when our places will be set up and ready to go,” Schroeder said.

Schroeder says spring sales in the lawn and garden department rival the frenzy of shopping for the holidays. And while there’s still plenty of winter left on the calendar, it doesn’t hurt to spring ahead with visions of a green garden.

Schroeder says Lewis Drug should be well-positioned to keep up with demand for lawn and garden products through the spring and summer. The next sign of spring to watch for is the greenhouses going up in the store parking lots in March.