The Big Sioux River is one of Sioux Falls’ biggest attractions where you’ll find everything from wildlife to outdoor recreation activities.

That’s why the city wants to keep it clean. Every year it puts out a visual reminder, so you do your part to keep it that way.

Lindsey Conrad is expecting more than a baby these days, she’s also expecting to finish this painting this week on one of the city’s storm sewer inlets.

“I wanted to do something a little different with organic waves to kind of go with water,” Conrad said.

Conrad is one of a handful of artists selected to paint murals and messages on some of the city’s storm sewer inlets.

If you walk around downtown, you’ll notice some are already done; others are still here from previous years.

“It’s art and it’s a water quality education piece,” Environmental Analyst Colin Chatterton said.

Environmental Analyst for the city Colin Chatterton is in charge of the project that aims to keep the Big Sioux River clean.

“Some come with wording, some don’t as long as there is some sort of tie to water, nature, a lot of times they like to emphasize the Big Sioux in their art, which is great because that’s what we are trying to get at with this program,” Chatterton said.

Because what goes in here, ultimately ends up in the Big Sioux River.

“It’s all about the pollution, the water quality of the Big Sioux, if we can keep the cigarette butts out and the pop bottles and other garbage from going down those storm drain inlets, it just keeps the river cleaner and helps with the wildlife, the ecology, and the cleanliness for the people who are recreating in it,” Storm Water/Environmental manager Andy Berg said.

With the heat and humidity this week, it hasn’t been easy.

“And being eight and half months pregnant and bending over; it’s been really fun though, so I’ve enjoyed it,” Conrad said.

Delivering a positive message that helps paint a better future for the Big Sioux River.

The project is a partnership between the city and Visual Arts Center.

They hope to expand it to other areas of the city in the future.