SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A 10,000 square foot mansion was scheduled to be demolished on Monday, but for now, that demolition is on hold.

This afternoon Judge Roberto Lange asked the city to wait 28 days, to give him more time to go through evidence and decide whether to grant a preliminary injunction.

Lawyers for the owners of this house, Vic and Natayla Striheus, called several witnesses in their efforts to stop the city from tearing down their dream home.

Ben Harvey of Harvey Custom homes has been hired to complete the home and says all that is left is the interior finishes like paint and carpet. Harvey testified the home has passed around a dozen building inspections since he took over. Sioux Falls realtor Shelly Glaser told the court her valuation of the home sits at 2.75 million as is, and closer to 4 million when finished.

Construction of the mansion started nearly 10 years ago. It stalled in 2015 due to personal and financial reasons. So, it sat unfinished and vacant for years, which led to neighborhood complaints and fines. The city found it to be unsafe and issued a notice for demolition.

Striheus’ attorneys say destroying the house would be an “unconstitutional taking of their property.” The city says they have given the Striheus’ more than enough time to complete the house and the South Dakota Supreme Court supported the city’s case.

If the legal issues can be ironed out, they hope to move in with their 7 children later this year. Judge Lange noted that tearing down the house would be a waste and urged both sides to consider mediation before the end of the 28-day delay.