SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Contemporary Native American group Brulé brought their music and dance to the Levitt stage Saturday night in front of over ten thousand fans.

“You know, we know the lawn was built for four thousand, but we closed down Phillips Avenue and they were everywhere. But I think it was a beautiful night,” Nancy Halverson, executive director for Levitt at the Falls, said.

Brulé has toured across the country, but as a Sioux Falls based group, pianist Paul LaRoche says this weekend was humbling.

“I think it was the result of a lot of years, 25 years of hard work. Not just by myself but our family, the group and the whole support system for Brule, of which Nancy is a part of, the Levitt is a part of it,” LaRoche said.

The night was also about sharing culture.

“A young Native person can look up and see Paul and his family and say, ‘gosh, if they can do that, so can I,’ and it’s a beautiful thing, right, to pass on that vision to the next generation. We’re just grateful to be a part of it,” Halverson said.

“Things are happening. We are a part of this community, a part of this state and we’ve been given a platform to present our stories and our music from. And I think that sense of pride is really something that’s needed drastically, especially in the Native culture. So I hope that we’ve passed a little bit of that on,” LaRoche said.

If you missed the chance to see Brulé this weekend, they have a handful of upcoming events you could check out.