SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Kids are braving the elements for a few hours of fun and education, learning new skills at the Winter Adventure Camp at the Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls.

The Outdoor Campus offers weekly classes for children who are homeschooled.

“Sioux Falls and the surrounding area has a large homeschool crowd so every week it varies, last week we did fish dissection,” Program Naturalist Derek Klawitter said.

After learning about fish, owls, and animal tracks earlier this month, today is dedicated to adventure.

“We’re sort of excited for the snow and weather, we haven’t had it for quite a few years now so for this type of event we actually look forward to the snow and cold and being able to get the kids outside,” Klawitter said.

A little rain wasn’t enough to stop these youngsters from enjoying the outdoors through ice fishing and snowshoeing.

“Here at the Outdoor Campus we actually have a loaner crate so people can take them out on their own and go to Good Earth or on vacation they want to bring them along,” Klawitter said.

“So my oldest son loves the cross country skiing and this is really the only place he gets to do it,” Harrisburg resident Amanda Oines said.

Oines has one son who wants to play in the snow and another who’s eager to pick up a fishing rod.

“My 5-year-old Ben loves ice fishing, so he’s excited to try and catch a trout today,” Oines said.

Mission accomplished.

Fish or no fish, Oines considers the day a win.

“It’s just a great chance for the boys to get outside, get some energy out and grow an appreciation of the outdoors and being out in nature,” Oines said.

Learning skills they could use for a lifetime.

“Hopefully they pick up on it now, they enjoy it and want to carry on the tradition,” Klawitter said.

The kids will have an opportunity to put these new skills to the test next month, with an ice fishing class on January 10th and snowshoeing on the 17th.