One unusual and unsuccessful way to escape the police

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RAPID CITY, S.D (KELO) — Wednesday morning, officers in Rapid City say a man tried to get away, by climbing through the ceiling.

Early Wednesday morning, Paul Geissler stopped by the Rushmore Casino after grabbing a drink with a friend.

“When we got in here, he had to take off, it was maybe 10, 15 minutes and the police came in. About 2 of them, apparently they were looking for some guy,” Geissler said.

Geissler said a man went into the bathroom when the police arrived. They knocked on the door multiple times and waited for him to come out. On the last knock… no response.

“I heard this crackling noise literally like somebody was about to fall through some air ducts and I pulled my phone out and I just waited for it. Then all of the sudden, CRASH,” Geissler said.

As unusual as the situation may seem, police say they have seen scenarios like this a number of times.

“It’s not a common practice where people crawl onto roofs or ceilings or things like that but it is fairly common for people to run from the officer or to try to hide from officers and yeah occasionally you find them hidden in awkward places,” Lt. Becker said.

Lt. Becker says police were responding to a report of a missing person in the area of the casino. However, this man was not the person they were looking for.

“For what ever reason, he thought maybe he was in trouble I’m not sure the reason that he did crawl into the ceiling tile that is unknown at this time,” Lt. Becker said.

“That doesn’t work, the old escape through the air ducts trick, you’re not Bruce Willis, you’re not Tom Cruise, those are movies,” Geissler said.

Police arrested the man who fell out of the ceiling for disorderly conduct.

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