SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — With spring melting and more snow in the forecast, officials in the Watertown area are preparing for the possibility of moderate flooding.

“Right now city and county officials are just meeting routinely developing a plan, putting a plan in place for a rapid spring thaw should that occur,” said public information officer, Troy VanDusen.

The drone team was out surveying water levels across the area. As you can see, rivers remain packed with snow.

One of the biggest concerns for the city is areas in and out of Watertown, where the Big Sioux River crosses over. The river is already reaching high levels and is expected to add on even more with the upcoming weather.

“Lake Kampeska was a half inch above full as of yesterday already. We’re continuing to monitor those lake levels and also the river levels,” VanDusen said.

Flooding is nothing new to Watertown.

This is why both departments are taking steps now to protect residents and infrastructure by providing free sandbags at the Codington County Sheriff’s office and the Office of Emergency Management.

“Make sure your sump pumps are working. Make sure that you clear away from your foundation, get the moisture away from your foundation and be prepared,” said Chief Deputy Brent Solum.

The City will begin placing pumps at 27 pump stations throughout the city, beginning on the 31st.