CUSTER STATE PARK, S.D. (KELO) — This article and headline have been updated to clarify that while texting 911 can be more reliable in low-signal situations, calling 911 should be the first option when possible.

Crews in Custer County had to rescue two hikers Tuesday afternoon.

Both calls were within 45 minutes of each other, officials say. The first was a woman who had tripped and hit her head. The second call was from a man who was having medical issues while on his hike.

Authorities say the victims received medical attention and were taken to the hospital.

While the South Dakota Department of Public Safety says that calling 911 should be your first option, the Custer County Search and Rescue team is reminding everyone that if you get into trouble while hiking, texting 911 can be more reliable than calling in areas where signal is poor.

“If you or someone with you is able, climbing to a higher location may help you get a phone signal,” the post reads. “Avoid using your phone for other purposes until your emergency is resolved. Save the battery for additional communication with 911 or with responders who may contact you for information.”