SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A KELOLAND restaurant made popular by Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is closing in Garretson. But fans of the food at “O So Good” can still find it.

Chef Omar Thorton will be cooking up his unique meals at a Sioux Falls Venue.

“Like Guy Fieri said on the show, he does it with his own style,” said Thornton.

O So Good, was a hidden gem before the TV show, but Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives put things in overdrive. Chef Omar Thornton thought the publicity was amazing, but soon he was working 14 hour days and says the pressure to come up with new recipes began to wear on him.

“Where is Chef Omar? Where’s Chef O? That part of the reason people came out was, where is Chef O? We don’t see you, why is he not working, we were disappointed we came out Friday night we didn’t see you, food was great but we didn’t see you,” said Thornton.

Like many businesses O So Good has been crippled by a shortage of staff. It has made it almost impossible to stay open in Garretson. However, Omar tells us he believes there is another reason he’s had trouble keeping good employees.

“I do get to the point where I put my foot down and sometimes it’s not looked upon greatly,” said Thornton.

Omar says he hasn’t been the easiest guy to work for. And it is something he will be working on during his new venture.

“I’m still learning this is the first real thing that I’ve not only been in charge of but, of course, owner of. But it’s the passion that I have for owning my own place but also understanding that I got a lot riding in this,” said Thornton.

For now Chef Omar is stepping away from owning his own place, he says the partnership with Wiley’s will allow him some time to regroup and keep learning.

Jimmy Gordon, General Manager says Wileys is known for its nightlife but he expects adding Chef Omar will attract new customers. He expects it to be a great partnership.

“Being in a bigger city, rather than Garretson, it’s a lot more easily accessible for people to be able to try some of his great dishes,” said Gordon.

Omar and his family will continue to live in Garretson. He is sad to leave the current building and says his goal is to reopen someday, but for now, he’s focused on the new venture with Wileys.

“You have a night entertainment spot that really doesn’t do much during the afternoons and early evenings is basically saying ‘Hey, O So Good, do what you do. Welcome to downtown Sioux Falls!’ and we are just saying thank you let’s do this!”

The new restaurant will be know as “O So Good at Wiley’s”. Gordon tells us right now they are planning on a soft opening on July 16th.