SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – South Dakota is home to nine tribal nations. As part of Native American Heritage Month, one organization is spreading awareness and helping people understand the different populations in our state.

November is Native American Heritage Month.

But at South Dakota Urban Indian Health they dedicate time all year long with different events to help people understand the Native American culture.

“We have a really awesome calendar of events every month, but especially during November we have a few more events that you can come check out, we’re open to anyone,” CEO of SDUIH, Michaela Seiber said.

Michaela Seiber is the CEO of South Dakota Urban Indian Health, she says as part of this month, they recognize different groups within the Native American population as a way to spread awareness.

“I think our first week was we wore orange to recognize our residential school survivors, the boarding school era caused a lot of trauma that we are still seeing today in our Native population,” Seiber said.

Last week, they raised awareness for missing and murdered indigenous women.

“We know that’s a huge issue, especially in the northern plains, the Dakotas, Montana, and it is not covered enough, especially by non-Native organizations, and people aren’t aware of how big the problem is, so we wore red to bring awareness to that,” Seiber said.

Overall, Seiber says for people wanting to learn more, it’s important to do your research.

“There are a lot of tribes in the country and we are all different, we all recognize different practices, different languages, different things,” Seiber said. “I would say if you’re going to look for information, going to those tribal pages is the most important thing, finding credible information.”

This week, South Dakota Urban Indian Health is recognizing its Two Spirit relatives. For more information on events, click here.