SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — On clear evenings you may notice floating white objects high in the sky. 

No, they aren’t aliens or UFOs. They are Raven Aerostar stratospheric balloons. You can see photos of the balloons below.    

In 2020, Raven Aerostar Flight Operations Manager Kevin Wolfe told KELOLAND News the balloons can collect information at 60,000 feet on wind currents, directions and temperatures. 

The goal of the balloons is to study the stratosphere, the second layer of the earth’s atmosphere above the troposphere but below the mesosphere. Weather balloons can go above the Ozone layer in the stratosphere.      

Raven Aerostar works with NASA and the Pentagon to help supplement work of aircraft and satellites.

You can also track the balloons on the website