SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It’s a busy time during the holidays.
So much even Santa needs a little help.

“We are all Santa’s helpers here,” Michael said.

Crews at the Sioux Falls Mail Processing Center have been spending their holiday to make sure those at home have a merry one.

“The postal service network never stop, and with the exception of maybe a slight slow down on Christmas day our network continues to run,” Michael said.

On Christmas, the center has about 30 to 35 employees keeping things going.

“We have the mail handlers, and the clerks, and the supervisors, and the managers all here committed to getting the product out today,” Michaels said.

Employees like Lyrica Lewis,

“On my shift, I work with packages, and getting the packages out and ready on the trucks for delivery for that following morning,” Lewis said.

She worked overnight to have things ready for Christmas day.

“It’s been challenging, I mean, it’s a very physical job but you build a lot of muscle and then you get used to it then it gets pretty easy,” Lewis said.

Over the past two weeks, over 1.2 million pieces of mail have been delivered throughout the city.

“An about 150 thousand packages delivered each week on average the last two weeks,” Michaels said.

By the end of the day, they’ll have a million and half sorted for tomorrow morning.

“We will deliver the express mail that’s being committed today out to the City of Sioux Falls, and then we will start right away this afternoon working toward a full day of delivery tomorrow,” Michaels said.

To them, their favorite thing to deliver is joy to those on this special day.

“Yep. Knowing I’m bringing joy to people’s lives,” Lewis said.

“That’s what drives us each and every year; the commitment of the employees and the managers to get that mail home every single year,” Michaels said.