SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– If you were out and about outside of urban areas across KELOLAND Sunday night, you may have been able to see a light show in the sky.

A viewer sent us these photos of the Northern Lights in the Tyler, Minnesota, area.

Viewers also sent us a viewer of the Northern Lights from the Brandon and Wessington Springs Areas.

Meanwhile, Haley Miller posted these pictures of the Northern Lights in the Trent area to Facebook. In many of the photos, you can see the Northern Lights are showing multiple colors from green and purple, to even pink.

The Northern Lights, also known as aurora borealis, are more frequently seen in places closer to the north pole, like Alaska and Canada. They are caused by a cloud of gas from the sun colliding with the earth’s magnetic field.

The photos below are by Hartford from Arika Dvorak.

Law Enforcement also spotted the Northern Lights.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol also took a photo in Walworth County.

Jared B. Jones took a photo near Aberdeen.

LaRissa Donaldson caught the scenes below in rural Ethan.

The Northern Lights were also visible near Sioux Falls. Ted Takasaki captured the photo below north of Sioux Falls.

Dylan Bailey got these photos south of Sioux Falls.

Pipestone, Minnesota, was also a place to see the Northern Lights. Julie Carrow captured the photos below.

Montrose is the location of the photos below from Jennifer Pearson.

To the east Glen Ackerman captured the Northern Lights near Brandon.

Carl Eliason saw the lights in central Minnehaha County.

Spirit Mound near Vermillion was another spot to see the lights. Eric Rasmussen took the photos below.

The lights were visible near Calico Skies Winery in rural Inwood, Iowa. Christian Bouwman submitted the photos below.

It’s back to South Dakota for the next set of photos. Diane Olson got these photos near Colman.

Yankton is the location of these photos from Chad Herrmann.

Here’s more photos near Yankton submitted by Ashley Steffan.

Bekah Evenson took the photos below near Watertown.

We return to Minnesota for these photos below from Paige Hoffman. They were take near St. Kilian in Nobles County.

The photos below are from Jonathan Kruger.

Mandy Newman submitted these photos from near Brookings.

Peter Young captured this photo near Wakonda.

Ashton Giese got this photo near Pierre.

On the western side of the state, Holly Mathis got this photo.

In the northeastern part of the state, Shirley Audus took the photo below near Summit.