SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is not ruling out a run for president in 2024, and it may be a while before she makes a final decision.

Governor Noem has not ruled out a run for president in 2024 but told CBS News that at this moment, she is “not convinced that she needs to run for president.”

“I want the very best individual that is the strongest decision maker, that loves America, to be the person that can lead us into the future,” she said.

In an interview with Robert Costa, the chief election and campaign correspondent for CBS News, Noem said she doesn’t feel rushed “at all” to make a decision on a 2024 run. Noem indicated the presidential field is wide open at this point.

“I believe anybody can be competitive. We are a year and a half two years out from deciding who the next leader of this country should be,” said Noem. “So it’s super early for people to be choosing who they think should be the next leader of this United States of America.”

When asked if she would be heading to Iowa, which kicks off the election cycle, to test the waters, Noem avoided saying anything about campaigning.

“I think I’ve been going to Iowa to talk to people since I was a little girl. I’m a farm girl and a rancher, so I’ve got lots of family and friends that are in Iowa, and it’s just our neighbor, so I guarantee you that that will be happening just because of how I’ve grown up in my way of life,” said Noem.

Noem was also asked if she kept in touch with former President Donald Trump who has already announced he is running for president.

“I would say we have a friendly relationship, although I haven’t talked to him in quite a long time, but he certainly knows he could pick up the phone and call me at any time, she said.

So far, former president Trump is the only announced presidential candidate. There is also much speculation on who his pick for vice president might be. The 2024 Presidential election is 21 months away.