SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Sioux Falls woman who has been stuck in Mexico is finally coming home.

Joni has been in Cancun for almost two weeks now, but as you’re about to find out it was certainly no vacation.

Joni, who doesn’t want us to use her last name, finally had back surgery Saturday morning at this hospital in Cancun.

“It went great, the staff was great, my neurosurgeon was great, I’m kind of shocked at how well everything is going, ” Joni said.

Joni has been in the hospital for 10 days now after breaking her back when she jumped in the water at a water park.

Doctors wouldn’t perform surgery though until they got money upfront from her insurance company and that took painfully long.

She has been waiting on the hospital too.

“The hospital had to give me a letter that I was cleared to be discharged and cleared to travel and they did do that,” Joni said.

Now that she’s had her surgery, Joni is healing up and tells KELOLAND News she will be flying home tomorrow.

“The hospital is getting me an ambulance for a nice cozy ride to the airport, I kind of get the feeling they want me to go home and get off their turf here as soon as possible,” Joni said.

Joni had to pay $3,000 out of her own pocket just so she could be seen by doctors at the hospital, she’s hoping her insurance company will reimburse her.