BRIDGEWATER, S.D. (KELO)– While many people in Southeastern South Dakota had a snow day yesterday, the work doesn’t stop for area ag producers.

Charles and Jessica Liesinger have a cattle and sheep operation just outside of Bridgewater. They say this is the worst snow storm they have ever experienced. Not only do they have to make sure the livestock are fed, they are also lambing and have to go out to check on the sheep every couple hours.

Drifts of snow are blocking the gates and barns of the Liesinger’s farm near Bridgewater.

“It’s pretty tough when you have to push snow to do anything. There’s you know, snow drifts in front of all the gates, the feed bunks are snowed in, hay piles, hay bales, silage piles they all have snow drifts in front of them,” said Charles.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be that much either, I thought a little dusting, because we’ve never had a lot of snow like this. But I actually went out and tried to help him today and it was up to my hip in our driveway so me trying to get out of the house and go out and help him out in the tractor and feed and everything, it was kind of a workout,” said Jessica.

Not only is this a lot of snow, but many producers also lost some of the windbreaks for their cattle during the deracho last May.

“I think a lot of the infrastructure from the deracho this summer there’s a lot of trees and windbreaks and buildings that didn’t get back up yet, so I think that will make it more challenging for many farms and farmers to deal with the wind,” said Charles.

Even in the winter storms, they are still passionate about what they do.

“You definitely have to love what you do, otherwise a lot of people wouldn’t do it. There’s something about taking care of animals it’s pretty special and I guess you just have to have feelings to do it,” said Charles.

Charles says it will take a couple days to get the farmyard cleared out. He said the main thing is to get the feed bunks and waterers cleared first.