BROOKINGS, S.D (KELO) — Shane and Angie Andreasen won’t be firing up the lawnmower this month.

“It isn’t even very long at this point. At the end of May, it may be depending on how much rain we get,” Brookings resident Angie Andreasen said.

It’s a part of a national campaign called No Mow May, a time when people can take a break from cutting their grass.

Gabi Bolwerk is an SDSU grad student studying Natural Resource Management and the student representative on the Sustainability Council.

“It just advocates not mowing your lawn during the month of May so we can help the bees and other early pollinators that are emerging from the ground during this time and that they can have some food resources once they do come out of the ground,” Bolwerk said.

At least 200 people are taking part in No Mow May because that’s how many yard signs have been given out, but it’s likely even more people are participating.

The Brookings City Council approved an ordinance allowing No Mow May a few months ago after a recommendation from the Sustainability Council.

By June 7th, grass and weeds must be no taller than 15 inches.

When it’s time to tackle the long grass, Bolwerk has some recommendations for homeowners.

“Take a weed wacker and sort of trim up the lawn before you go over it with the lawn mower or you can set your lawn mower deck to the highest setting, so that you don’t clog it up and then make sure you rake everything out so you don’t get these huge clumps of grass left over,” Bolwerk said.

But for now, the Andreasens are enjoying their yard just the way it is.

“I really care about bees. I think that people need to know how important they are to the ecosystem, so even our food production, and if we don’t take care of the bees, and if they’re gone, we’re gone,” Andreasen said.