No days off for South Dakota Highway Patrol on Labor Day weekend

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — As Labor Day Weekend is coming to it’s end, travelers are packing up and heading back home, which means a lot more traffic on the road.

On days like today, highway patrol sergeants and troopers are busy keeping our roads safe.

“As far as Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day– we expect a higher traffic volume and they want to put as many troopers on the roads as possible and it’s not there for being out there and stopping everybody and writing tickets, a lot of it is to be out there, to be present and to be visible,” Sergeant Barrick said.

Sergeant Barrick says when drivers see multiple law enforcement on the road they tend to slow down.

“So that presence keeps people either hopefully doing the speed limit, obeying the laws and hopefully don’t get in any crashes or doing anything illegal,” Sergeant Barrick said.

So far today, traffic has been pretty calm. However, Sergeant Barrick says many people wait until tomorrow to go back home.

“There’s no rush to getting anywhere, it’s going to be a lot of traffic eventually wherever you go so just take your time, be safe, follow the traffic laws, don’t speed, keep those following distances to at least two seconds or higher, other than that just be patient, wear your seat belt because you are going to get home eventually,” Sergeant Barrick said.

Tom Stalnaker from Pennsylvania, says he has seen a few people pulled over, but for the most part drivers seem to be following the laws.

“There’s a good bit of traffic passing me but I’ve seen very few people going over the speed limit,” Stalnaker said.

While he still has a bit of traveling, he hopes others enjoy their trip home.

“Drive safe take it easy, enjoy the day, it’s a beautiful day, it’s a great day to travel” Stalnaker said.

Law enforcement says traffic complaints and speeding are the most common reports over the holiday weekend. For the rest of today and for tomorrow, remember to travel at or below the speed limit and be courteous of others on the road with you.

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