SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It was a sight Dwayne Christoffel had longed to see — a van pulling a trailer up to his house.

“That’s awesome,” Christoffels said.

When Christoffels was a kid he had saved enough money to buy a Cutlass 442 similar to this one.

“That’s what I wanted that was my dream car,” Christoffels said.

But his dad said no way, it was too fast.

So Christoffels had to settle for another car.

But in the back of his mind, he always knew a 1972 Cutlass 442 was the car he wanted.

A year ago they located this one.

“My wife found it on the internet, Mesa, Arizona,” Christoffels said.

It wasn’t the right color and needed a little work, but he bought it and had it shipped to a friend of his in Florida who restores old cars. That friend is Dean Gough formerly of Sioux Falls.

“Dean does good work, I mean his cars come out fabulous,” Christoffels said.

But getting the car to Gough’s house in Florida was a story in itself.

“I got a call on Saturday night at 9:30 it was the shipper,” Gough said.

He had some terrible news.

“If you’re calling me at 9:30 on a Saturday night, it’s not good, it’s bad bad,” Gough said.

The shipper had rolled the trailer. Christoffel’s dream car was now his nightmare.

“‘Oh God’ I cried. If you would have seen those pictures that was terrible, that was terrible,” Christoffels said.

“I said just ship it to me, I figured if it’s bad enough we’ll part it out, junk the rest, but I got it home, the frame was nice, it was running good,” Gough said.

So Gough did what he does best. He slowly began to fix it.

“When it comes to rust in these old cars, usually when you take them apart they’re rusting on the inside panels and everything, I was cutting this car apart, there was still red oxide primer from the factory underneath the car where you wouldn’t normally see it, so it was cool it was in that good of shape,” Gough said.

About a year later, Gough had it showroom ready, inside and out and handed over the keys.

“Thanks, buddy,” Christoffels said.

A dream that finally came true 50 years in the making.

“It turned out great, turned out great,” Christoffels said.