SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Precision agriculture requires precise data.

On Wednesday, state officials along with SDSU and the Army Corps of Engineers held a ribbon cutting at a new weather station that will help farmers make better decisions.

“Wind speed is a very important factor. When folks are spraying, we want to be out there responsibly. Having the ability to look up real-time what the wind speed is, is just a tremendous asset,” said Jerry Schmitz with the South Dakota Soybean Association.

“Soil moisture, so temperature is going to be available at every one of our stations. We’re doing snow depth. we’re doing year round precipitation which is a new measurement for us,” said Nathan Edwards with Mesonet at SDSU.

Mesonet gets the same measurements from 150 stations across the state. Cities can also use the frost depth and soil moisture information to help plan for flooding and drought.