SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It may be December, but people still use the bike trails in Sioux Falls.

KELOLAND News saw plenty of people on their bikes, skateboards and running Friday afternoon. We also saw some new signs for users to follow.

Hundreds of thousands of people use the city’s bike trails every year.

“I use it every day to bike to work,” one bicyclist said.

During his rides to work, he’s noticed these new signs posted along the trails, reminding users to stay right, pass on the left with caution and announce when passing.

“I try very hard to make sure I follow those rules to give people a lot of clearance when I’m passing,” he said.

But not everyone knows the rules.

“I think it’ll be especially beneficial for people who happen to be from out of town and never been on our trail system,” Parks Director Don Kearney said.

The signs are posted every half mile, all the way from Falls Park to Yankton Trail Park, which is about seven miles.

The city’s bike trails circle the city for a total of 34 miles and are used by people daily, even in the winter.
Crashes have happened and that’s what the city wants to try and avoid.

“One of the things we see is speed is part of the problem with the accidents,” Kearney said. “But really the signage is just more about educating people, so that everybody understands what’s expected when they are on the trail.”

Something some bicyclists already understand.

“I will bike fast when there’s no one around and then I’ll go much slower when I see people and try to share the path,” bicyclist said.

The city is also looking at installing cameras along the bike path to help with safety and get an accurate count on how many people use them daily.