RAPID CITY, S.D. (KELO) — There’s a new lawsuit against a South Dakota hotel, accused of racial discrimination.

This comes just after a previous racial discrimination suit against the Grand Gateway Hotel and its owners has been settled.

A family from Wisconsin claims they attempted to stay at the Grand Gateway in August of 2023.

Court documents say that Jessica White, who is quote “not of a member of a racially protected class”, entered the lobby alone, and the clerk began the check-in process for the three rooms she’d reserved. But when her husband, Ryan, came into the hotel, the clerk stopped the check-in and told them there were no rooms available.

Ryan White is Native American.

According to court documents, the White family made the reservation through Travelocity. Jessica called a Travelocity agent from the lobby who confirmed the three room reservation with the clerk.

Court documents say the family also checked online to see if the hotel had any available rooms, and even though there appeared to be several open, the clerk refused to rent any to the family.

After the White family asked for the hotel to honor their reservation, the court papers say the employee told Ryan to leave the lobby and called security. The employee then said he was calling the police. Ryan left the hotel after that.

Jessica stayed behind to get the name of the employee and manager. When the employee refused to provide any information, she left the hotel as well.

Court documents say the family is seeking damages due to violations of their civil rights.