SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — It will soon be a lot easier for out-of-state professionals to work in South Dakota. A new law will streamline the process for workers to get licenses and certifications when they move here. With the stroke of a pen, Governor Noem signed senate bill 76 into law at Midwest Mechanical in Sioux Falls.

It encourages state licensing boards to streamline the process for issuing a license, certificate or permit for a person from another state or country.
Today’s signing will make it easier for qualified people to come to South Dakota to work and live.

“When people want to move to South Dakota that immediately we will recognize the training and the skill set that they have and their license from their home state as they relocated to make this the place that they want to raise their families,” said Noem.

The new law could impact businesses like Midwest mechanical making it easier for the company to recruit already certified plumbers and HVAC specialists.

One of the industries affected could be the ambulance industry that’s because there is a shortage of EMTs and paramedics nationwide.”

“You know I’ve always wondered why you could be a great paramedic in Iowa, but you can’t be a great paramedic in South Dakota with the same certifications. Sometimes the time it takes to get certified in the state is way above what people want to do to move,” said Jay Masur, owner of Med-Star Ambulance Service.

Other professionals like teachers, welders and pharmacy technicians could benefit as well. Representative Tyler Tordsen is one of the sponsors of the bill. He says it’s not reciprocity with other states, but it is the next best thing.

“A lot of this will defer to existing boards and commissions that already do this process, so it provides them flexibility, maximum flexibility and encourages them to make the most streamlined efforts most efficient process possible so that people come here and can get to work right away,” said Tordsen.

For business owners like Masur the new law is encouraging as they face challenges in growing or even maintaining their companies.

“If it is a hassle to move to South Dakota because it takes so long to get certified sometimes they just stay where they are at,” said Masur.

The Governor says there are currently around 900 jobs in the state this new law can help fill right away.