New infestation of emerald ash borer discovered near 37th St. and Minnesota Ave.

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A new infestation of emerald ash borer has been found in Sioux Falls.

The emerald ash borer has found its way to several ash trees near 37th Street and Minnesota Avenue.

According to SDSU forestry professor and emerald ash borer expert John Ball, this is the most recent infestation in Sioux Falls.

“What we occured is we found a small pocket of infested trees not closely connected with the main body which is located in northern Sioux Falls,” Ball said. 

A tree stump is all that’s left from an ash tree that was located near the most recent infestation site. This is one of several trees that has been cut down in the area.

“There going out there and thinning the herd so to speak. Not taking down necessarily infested trees. But, remember every ash, unless it’s treated, is going to become infested in the next five or six years,” Ball said.

Ethan Smedsrud lives near the most recent infestation site and has an ash tree on his property.

“We called the city and elected it not to be cut down. They gave us what to do to treat it. We went to the hardware store and bought the stuff that we needed and treated it ourselves,” Smedsrud said.

He says he’s sad to see the trees cut down.

“It’s tragic because trees are so important for the environment and for the oxygen,” Smedsrud said.

For people wanting to help prevent the spread of emerald ash borer, Ball has this advice:

“The biggest thing people should do is treat them. The ones you really want to keep start looking at treating them. The ones you don’t want, you might want to consider removing those,” Ball said.

If you’re planning on removing your ash trees, Ball advises you get them removed before Memorial Day.

Ball said that after Memorial Day, the city is urging people to not cut down their trees.

Ball says summer is when the emerald ash borer starts to move around the most, and cutting your trees down could cause the beetles to spread through the city faster.

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