BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO)– There’s a new veterinary clinic in Brookings, but it’s not for live animals. It’s actually for kids.

A new exhibit at the Children’s museum is letting kids use their imaginations, while taking care of animals and learning more about what it takes to run a vet clinic.

It’s a busy day at the Whiskers and Tails veterinary clinic inside the Children’s museum of South Dakota.

“I’ve been working on his eyes, ears, his paws, and I was listening to his heart,” said Elsa Isenberg.

“I have been giving them shots on the ear, putting bandages on the ear for the doctor and seeing how the heartbeat is,” said Leyla Isenberg.

This exhibit just opened this summer and is equipped with everything kids need to care for the animals, from shots, x-rays and kennels.

“We love this new exhibit, it’s fun to be able to play in a new space and the animals, my kids love animals, and we have a pet at home so it’s really fun for them to be hands-on here and learn about what it is to take care of a pet and to help them feel better if they are sick or have an injury,” said Olivia Isenberg.

“I like taking care of pets and there’s like a bunch of fun stuff to do here, there’s like actual vet stuff here, so I like doing that,” said Elsa.

Throughout the design process, the museum takes children’s input into consideration, creating a space for all children to enjoy.

“Very creative ideas come through that, so taking those ideas and trying to filter it through what is realistic in this space, because there’s a lot of big ideas and trying to fit everything into a smaller space is something that some kids might not have a great mind for, but trying to recognize the value in all of those ideas,” said Mike Mogard, Director of Operations at the Children’s Museum of South Dakota.

Fulfilling the need for new learning experiences.

“I like the doctor’s stuff and everything like the animals and stuff,” said Mara Isenberg.

“Because you play with a bunch of here stuff and then there’s a bunch of new things to play with,” said Elsa.

In addition to this new permanent exhibit, the museum also has traveling exhibits, including one called ‘Roll and Roll and Rolling’, looking at marble racing that will be opening later this month.