This story has been updated to correct the amount of money being spent on the project.

CROOKS, S.D. (KELO) — An open house this week will debut Crooks’ new elementary school and plans for future businesses and homes on the southwest edge of town.

“I’m probably most excited for the opportunities it gives, not only to students in this building but also our current existing building up in Colton because now we have space to do things. We can move around to more suitable classrooms, in my opinion, and just because way more opportunities now than we’ve had in the past,” said Mike Lodmel, superintendent of the Tri-Valley School District.

This development is years in the making. The city started to plan for both residential and commercial buildings in hopes to generate more sales tax revenue and not just relying on property taxes.

“You need both to make the city go and we’ve done very good with our infrastructure,” said Crooks Mayor F. Butch Oseby.

Oseby hopes the 74 new homes being built off of Dianne Street next to the new school will generate growth in the city.

“You can find a lot, a bigger lot at a better price than you can in Sioux Falls, and Tea and Harrisburg area. These are well-designed and well-thought-out,” said Oseby.

In addition to new homes, the estimated 23.6 million dollars elementary school is scheduled to be finished Friday, just hours before the open house.

“We are running right up to the gun. That’s exciting, and just kind of getting everybody in to see the newness of the building and then also the opportunities at our existing site as well,” said Lodmel.

Over the next few years, the city is expected to increase in population.

“I call it a new era in Crooks because this is the start of our growth,” said Oseby.

Above is a map of the Willow Creek Ridge development in Crooks, S.D. This shows where the city plans to build new homes and businesses and where the new Tri-Valley Elementary School is located.

Click here for information on the open house Friday.