SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) –Teenage drivers in South Dakota will have to follow some new restrictions starting in July.

The South Dakota Legislature passed a new bill this year that tightens the laws for young drivers; specifically who can drive at what age and when.

Today is a big day for Ava Schock. At 14, she just got her very first driver’s license today; an instruction permit.

“I’ve been excited to drive for a long time because I’m getting at the age where I’m doing a lot more and it kind of stinks to have my mom drive me all around because she’s busy and has her own schedule,” Ava said.

In South Dakota, teenagers have been able to get their restricted drivers permit at age 14.
That will not change.

But starting July 1, they will have to follow some new rules when they get behind the wheel.

One change extends the period of time a minor, who has passed a driver’s ed course, must drive on an instruction permit from 90 days to 180 days.

Because Ava got her license before July 1 and completed driver’s ed, she won’t have to follow that rule.

Young drivers with an instruction permit will have to get 50 hours of parent/guardian supervised driving, 10 hours of which must be during inclement weather and another 10 hours at night.

Ava’s mother says she’s all for the new restrictions.

“The more experience the better, she’s our youngest, and we had two drivers before her, our oldest was in an accident so when they’re this young and inexperienced all the practice can help, but yet we rushed here to her’s before July 1st,” Barb said.

And according to the Sioux Falls School District, a lot of other students signed up for driver’s ed early this summer, so they could get grandfathered in too.

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