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New Charges Link Two Alleged Heroin Dealers

New federal charges are linking two alleged heroin dealers. 

This week a grand jury has decided there is enough evidence to charge Maurice Cathey and Corrod Phillips with dealing drugs. And that's not all. 

The indictment says Maurice Cathey sold the heroin that killed a man in January and seriously hurt someone in February. 

The document says both men were involved in a drug deal that seriously hurt someone in April. 

Phillips is also accused in connection with a drug deal in May that seriously hurt someone else. 

Papers filed in state court say that's when Phillips sold fentanyl-laced heroin to Devlin Tommeraasen.  

You may remember, he's the man who allegedly overdosed at a Sioux Falls Hy-Vee store.

After he was revived, court papers says Tommeraasen admitted to giving drugs to Angela Kennecke's daughter Emily. She died of fentanyl poisoning the same night he collapsed at Hy-Vee.  

Cathey has also been in the headlines before. 

In 2017 he was accused of dealing cocaine near Terry Redlin Elementary School.  

He also has criminal histories in Illinois and Indiana - where he's been in and out of jail and prison for drugs. 

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