ELK POINT, S. D. (KCAU) — The man accused of killing Jordan Beardshear has officially been indicted in Union County Court.

According to court documents, Alfredo Castellanos-Rosales, 39, of Sioux City, has been charged with first-degree murder in Beardshear’s death. It is alleged that he killed Bearshear at the Wellington in the Dunes apartments in April.

Castellanos-Rosales has also been charged with contributing to the neglect of a child and contributing to the abuse of a child.

Alfredo Castellanos-Rosales Courtesy Webb County, Texas, Sheriff’s Office

The first-degree murder charge alleges that Castellanos-Rosales premeditated the killing of Bearshear on April 25. In addition, the indictment alleges that Castellanos-Rosales either had a child with Beardshear or was in a “significant romantic relationship” with her.

As for the child abuse and child neglect charges, the charge alleges that Castellanos-Rosales contributed to the neglect of a child and the abuse of the child, however, does not go further into the charges.

Before the indictment was handed down, there was a grand jury in which several witnesses testified, including members of the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation. More than 40 individuals were listed as witnesses in the case.

Castellanos-Rosales was initially charged with both first and second-degree murder in an arrest warrant. He was initially a person of interest and was later made a suspect in the murder. He was arrested in Mexico on May 12 and was expelled from the country. He was held by authorities in Lorado, Texas until the process of him being extradited back to South Dakota this past week.